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Adult Snowshoes

Day Rental: $15.00

Multiday: $12.00

MSR and Tubbs snowshoes are a staff favorite. Our rentals offer grip, stability, control and fit all shapes and sizes and we can accommodate weights from 100-250 lbs with our adult snowshoes. For weight under 100 lbs we recommend renting a youth sized snowshoe. 

All snowshoe rentals include complimentary poles for added support and stability and COVID safe elbow bumps from our rental center team. 



Youth Snowshoe

Day Rental: $10.00

Multiday: $8.00

Get the kids on the trail this winter with snowshoe rentals. Our Youth Snowshoes fit children from 30-100 pounds and are perfect for on and off trail use.  


Cross-Country Skis

Kid Carriers

Soft Baby Carrier

Day Rental: $10.00

Multiday: $7.50

Our soft-structured baby carriers are the perfect way to carry children from 15 to 45 pounds. Keep that baby safe in an ergonomic and natural seated body position. Our child carriers are comfortable and supportive for baby and parent and can be worn on your front, back or hip.


Framed Kid Carrier

Day Rental: $18.00

Multiday: $10.00

The parents who work at Basecamp know kid carriers! Rent a child carrier from us and enjoy maximum comfort for both child and adult.  Each child carrier has space for snacks, diapers and any other essentials for a day on the trail with children. Enjoy a child carrier while you're hiking, snowshoeing or even cross-country skiing. Our child carriers are for children weighing up to 48 pounds with good neck control. 



Piggy Back Rider

Day Rental: $10.00

Multiday: $5.00

The Piggyback Rider® standing child carrier is great to use while hiking, shopping, watching, wandering, bonding at amusement parks, sporting events, markets and everywhere else you may go.

Supports a child 2+ years and up to 50 lbs. Designed for toddlers and older children, the Piggyback Rider®, is a compact, lightweight, sturdy standing child carrier. Feel safe and secure with our upgraded adult carrier with 2 handles and Child Safety Harness which is included. The sturdy, unisex design functions like a standard backpack, distributing the child’s weight at your core enabling you to walk standing straight up in a natural posture with your hands free. Made of high quality climbing components and engineered for strength and safety, it weighs less than 3 pounds